Grown-Up Goodies: 3 Boozy Popsicle Recipes

Move over kids. Popsicles have accumulated a new, more mature fan base in recent years. And I'm not talking about those store-bought pops that are essentially Kool-Aid in plastic tubes. Gourmet and homemade popsicles are all the rage this summer for nostalgic adults.

This chilled dessert-on-a-stick is portable, easy to make, and usually has less calories and fat than ice cream, cakes, and pies. Somewhere out there, some brilliant, liquor-loving individual asked: “Wonder what would happen if I added a shot of vodka to this?” Ladies and gentleman, a star was born. 

Here are some basic tips for making perfect boozicles: 

1. Skip the store-bought juice. Fresh fruit always tastes better. Homemade fruit purees are a great way to add flavor, nutrition, texture, and color to your adult ice pops. With summer's bountiful produce options, the possibilities are endless. My personal favorite fruits for popsicles include peaches, mangoes, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, and kiwi. 

2. Pick your poison wisely. Plain old vodka, rum, and tequila are all viable choices, but if you want to take things to the next level, try adding a flavored vodka or rum. If you're not a fan of liquor, try adding your favorite wine or champagne to your popsicle mixture.

3. Don't go too heavy on the booze. Remember that alcohol doesn't freeze at the same temperature as juice and too much booze will interfere with the way the popsicles freeze. As a general rule, its best to only use about 1.5 ounces (1 shot) of liquor for every cup of fruit juice.

I'll admit that I don't always follow this rule - I like my boozicles the way I like my cocktails: strong and sassy. I've found that adding a couple extra tablespoons of liquor doesn't ruin the popsicles, but they do melt a little quicker. 

4. Don't forget the essential equipment. For this kind of project, you will most likely need a food processor, fine-mesh strainer, pitcher, popsicle molds (or shot glasses/dixie cups + craft sticks), and plastic bags for storage.

5. Serve with eye-popping presentation. Wine glasses are my favorite vessel for serving boozy popsicles. They look so elegant and they prevent the ice pops from dripping everywhere.

Or, if you are feeling really creative, wrap a piece of rectangle-shaped Styrofoam (found at craft stores) with wrapping paper or wall paper. Cut slits in the paper and insert the popsicles into the Styrofoam before serving immediately.

Check out these three new grown-up popsicles I made in the RC Test Kitchen!



Vegan Blackberry & Vodka Creamsicles - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Made with fresh blackberries, light coconut milk, and citrus vodka, these liquored-up treats will appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike. They are sweet, tart, and tangy with a cool kick from a little chopped mint.




Strawberry-Basil Sparkling Wine Popsicles - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Chill out and keep cool with these delightful and fruity strawberry ice pops. Agave nectar adds a touch of sweetness, while lemon zest and fresh basil add a gourmet twist. 




Watermelon Tequila Popsicles - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Refreshing watermelon combines with lime juice, agave syrup, and blanco tequila to create a bold and zesty popsicle. If you're feeling brave, add in a few slices of jalapeno for some sweet heat.

Article and photos by: Amanda Patton