So Long, Summer: 5 Cocktails To End The Season Right

It’s September which means we’ve officially hit the final phase of summer. It’s time to say goodbye to grilling season with a spirited toast and a tipsy wave of the hand. 

Between Labor Day cookouts, pool parties, and backyard brunches, there are still quite a few opportunities to sip on some refreshing boozy beverages while soaking up what’s left of the summer sun. 

In an effort to celebrate these last days of warmth, I’ve pulled together a list of my top favorite summer cocktail recipes. 

These invigorating, liquored-up libations were specially designed by the Recipe Corner team to quench the lingering thirst that comes from spending too much time in the humid outdoors.


Blueberry-Champagne Mojito - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

This is definitely the kind of drink you make when you really want to impress your guests at that final backyard barbecue. This classy cocktail’s effervescent flair and elegant appearance make it an irresistible concoction.

Muddled blueberries and mint are mixed with lime juice and light rum before being topped off with a generous splash of champagne.

The final product boasts an array of refreshing and fruity flavors, while the stunning contrast of colors from the smashed blueberries and herbs are a treat for the eyes. 



Rosemary-Infused Citrus & Cucumber Vodka Fizz - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

The key to this sweet and savory cocktail is the rosemary-citrus simple syrup. Fresh lemon and lime juice are simmered with citrus zest, sugar, and fresh rosemary to create a complex flavor bomb. Simply shake this syrup with some cucumber vodka and then top with club soda for a bright and refreshing end-of-summer sipper.

If you're scratching your head at the thought of cucumber vodka, I don't blame you. I just discovered that it existed a couple months ago. 

Initially, it sounded too weird to be good, but I'm a firm believer in the whole "don't knock it 'til you try it" mindset, so I gave it a chance. I'm glad I did, because it has become one of my favorite vodkas. 

The crisp cucumber flavor is noticeable but isn't overpowering, so it blends well with most cocktails. You can even just mix it with some water for a light, low-calorie boozy beverage. 

You can find cucumber vodka at almost any liquor store, so it’s not as obscure as one might assume.



Vanilla Grapefruit Martini - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Shake up some sour sweetness with this easy vodka martini recipe. Lemon juice and grapefruit juice give this cocktail its tart and tangy bite, while agave nectar and vanilla extract add a subtle complexity.



Apple Pie Martini Recipe - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

This drink bridges the gap between summer and fall – its caramel-apple flavor is a pleasant reminder of autumn's upcoming seasonal bounty. Simply combine apple cider with simple syrup, caramel rum, lemon juice, and cinnamon for a delicious dessert-inspired cocktail.



Queen’s Knees Cocktail - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Use up those watermelon leftovers with this pretty-in-pink recipe. It pairs hydrating melon with bubbly champagne and anise-infused simple syrup. It's as tasty as it is beautiful.